Here’s why Android is the first choice amongst the Mobile app development fraternity

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Here’s why Android is the first choice amongst the Mobile app development fraternity

Unless you are living under the stone, you are devoid of the power of mobile devices these days. Right from booking a ticket for your favorite movie, to get the most delicious cuisines at your doorstep, almost all the chores can be accomplished with your smartphones. So what made smartphones so successful? The answer lies in mobile applications.

Smartphone is nothing but a piece of metal without mobile applications these days. These apps are made utilizing the most powerful and dynamic mobile platforms available today. Major platforms for mobile app development are iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian. iOS used to be the flag bearer of mobile application market, but gradually Android app has taken the front seat especially in continents like Asia, Africa and APAC.

Let’s have a look why Android app development is the favorite platform among the app developers.

  • Easily accessible
    Android’s market can be ascertained from the fact that it accounts for more than 80% of smartphones sold worldwide. Android has the power of creating most innovative apps and it is accessible to any Android developer with knowledge of Java and the Android SDK.
  • Creative freedom
    Android is an open source platform and for this very reason, is favorite among the programmers as they get a lot of exposure to Google’s philosophy of freedom and innovation. Android has the minimum restrictions and vast resources which encourages creativity among the developers.
  • Easy approval
    Publishing an app in Android platform is much easier as compared to its closest counterpart iOS. You just need to register yourself as Android developer, Build and submit your APK to Android and you are good to go. On the contrary, Apple has various parameters which you need to qualify in order to get your work published on the App Store.
  • High market share
    As I have already mentioned that Android covers more than 80% market share and this simply means that your Android app has the chance of reaching to much more wider audience than any other platform..
  • Well optimized for social apps
    Social apps are one of the fastest growing segment and Android is perfectly optimized to develop social apps. Reason being, Android is better integrated with almost all the leading social networks, it is the first choice among businesses.
  • Developer friendly
    As per the programmers who have learned coding on different platforms like iOS, Windows along with Android state that Google’s Android is easier to learn than other platforms and hence, people who have just started with mobile application development will find it easy to develop in Android.
  • Freebies
    Google Play Store which is the biggest marketplace for Android apps, has a huge user-base and has much more potential in terms of free downloads. In addition to this, it is cost effective to run advertisements on Android as compared to iOS.

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