Mobile App Development Trends To Rule In 2017-18

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Mobile App Development Trends To Rule In 2017-18

Current Mobile Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile devices have made our lives extremely easy and they have become an inseparable part of our daily routine. Right from checking mails to watching YouTube videos, We are more than halfway down the year 2017 and we did a research about the latest and upcoming mobile app development  trends and found 10 such trends that are here to stay.

Artificial Intelligence is the latest talk of the town

AI is the hottest trend these days and with with tools like advanced analytics, machine learning techs, AI helps businesses to a great extent. AI apps like Siri, Google Now have gathered a lot of attention and seeing the success of these apps, it is apt to say that Artificial Intelligence is not going to fizzle anytime soon.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the next big thing

This revolutionary step has bought the paradigm shift in the Mobile app development trends completely from SEO perspective. Google is aimed at providing valuable content to the users and AMP is a major step towards this goal. Therefore, this technology should be on the list of mobile app developers.

Increasing popularity of Wearable devices

Mass success of devices namely Apple Watch, Android Wear, Fitbit itself tell us the potential of wearable market which started with health-care and quickly expanded to other spheres as well. Therefore, it can be considered to be one of the most promising mobile app development trends in coming days.

AR and VR to rule the space

Last year, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality too the gaming and entertainment industry by storm . Games like Pokemon Go and VR devices like Oculus have garnered positive reviews. Industry experts say that AR and VR are here for the long term and a number of mobile apps are weaving around the technologies.

Mobile Wallet will continue to surge

With the advent of Google wallet and Apple Pay, M-commerce is taken a new shape and it will continue to surge as more and more people are using their mobile devices to perform financial transactions.

Huge demand of Enterprise apps

There is no second opinion about the fact that enterprise apps are helping the organizations to a great extent in optimizing productivity. As per a Adobe study, more than 75% of business owners find these apps to be beneficial and it is estimated that enterprise apps market would be worth $430 billion by the year 2021.


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