Nuances of Brand Building on the Web

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Nuances of Brand Building on the Web

Digital marketing is the latest talk of the town these days and its all over. With the advent of various e-businesses, online marketing and brand building has become even more prominent. These days, companies are making every possible effort to increase their online presence but the big question remains that how many of these companies are taking the right approach when it comes to building a memorable and positive brand image.

Businesses switching to online from print based advertising often have a misconception that they would be good with just transferring their print identity to web. They miss the most important point which is, your brand should communicate effectively with your customers and the most effective tool to accomplish the same is your website itself.

Web marketing is very different though the basic principles of marketing remain the same.

Here are a few points which should be kept in order to establish a strong brand identity on the Web:

Identify your target audience
It is critically important for businesses to determine their best prospects. It is not necessary that their all their offline customers would accept their online venture as well. Tastes and preferences of customers are often unpredictable and therefore quantifying the target audience forms the first building block of online marketing.

Concentrate on User Experience
Providing an awesome user experience is a prerequisite for any website. The website should have an intuitive navigation and should work like a charm. Users have become smart now a days and they want the website to function smoothly. The load time of your website should not be more than 2-3 seconds. You should not forget the SEO factors like integrating proper meta tags, Alt Tags etc. in the website which makes them search engine friendly. User experience is a magical term in digital term and if inculcated properly, could definitely do wonders.

Keep it Simple Stupid
First time entrepreneurs have a misconception that integrating complex functionalities in the website would make it more intuitive which is not true. Just because an XYZ e-business company integrated a certain complex feature doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow the same blindly. You should always set your priorities based on the nature of business and your consumer’s taste. You should that the UI and UX you put in place are designed to fit your user’s unique needs.

The above mentioned points may look small but do make a big difference. So apply these strategies and let us know about your experience in the comment box.