Why PHP Website Development is Still Very Much Alive

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Why PHP Website Development is Still Very Much Alive

Tech magnate Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. This quote is true in today’s scenario and mediums like websites, mobile apps have become prerequisites of a successful business. The most popular choice in open source web development is the scripting language, PHP. It is worth noting that the most popular social networking site, Facebook is created using PHP along with Wikipedia and Harvard University website. Due to its nature of easy maintenance, it is the first choice among the enterprises.

Let’s have a closer look at the reasons why you should choose PHP for your website development

Open Source
PHP is an Open Source platform and it comes at absolutely no cost. PHP is much easier to learn and hence the resources are readily available in market.

PHP is cross-platform and works excellently on Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX etc and it also supports servers like Apache, iPlanet, IIS and more.

PHP development is a server-side scripting language and thus it can be easily used to create dynamic pages. As a result, the end product is user friendly website that allows the visitors to freely interact while producing very flexible and dynamic content.

E-commerce development:
PHP being an open source platform, is often the first choice for E-commerce enterprises. A wide range of extensions along with libraries are available with PHP and this helps to extend the core functionalities of the website.
Abundance of learning stuff
PHP is extremely popular and therefore, vast study material and references are available on the internet. A number of discussion forums and support groups can be found for the beginners as well as experts. For those with language barriers, many groups are forums are available in multiple languages.

Big community
The PHP community is a large one. Owing to its popularity, there are many PHP developers, PHP contributors, PHP users, and employers that are offering PHP jobs. If you are looking to hire PHP developers, then you are definitely not alone.

Agile development
PHP website development is agile in nature and thus ensures a quick turnaround time. In addition to this, PHP has the ability to be embedded into HTML and hence, it is easy for you to convert a static website into a brand new intuitive dynamic site.

Organizations which are concerned about security should go for PHP web development as it offers top level security and prevents cyber attacks. The websites that are hacker proof can be created by the developers.