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Node.JS allows us to build faster & highly scalable real time application. Node.JS is a JavaScript run-time environment build on Chrome's JavaScript runtime open–source cross-platform that helps in the development of real-time network application. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. It can also interpret JavaScript code via Google’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Node.js can utilize multiple frameworks, including, Express.js, Hapi.js and Mojito along with other various other frameworks. In addition, it can also help with REST and JSON APIs; jQuery, JavaScript and Media Query; and a wide range of executable applications on various servers. All these points ensure that Node.js development services provided by us are second to none.

Mindrops team has perfected the art of developing complex Node.JS projects for different domains Custom Web Applications, Job Portal, Customer Relations Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Backend Web Services and satisfying clients across the world.

Node.js Development Services we provide:

  • API Development and Integration
  • Plug-ins Development
  • Version Migration
  • Real Time Apps
  • Product Support and Maintenance
NodeJS Development Services


Node.js is a Javascript runtime built on top of Chrome's high-performance V8 engine. Thanks to it, your JS code can run almost as fast as the one written in Java.
1) The Node.js community is very active and always eager to help. Thanks to their support, the quality of the packages consistently improves. 2) Although Node.js is easy to use, it still offers a range of possibilities in development. 3) It makes it possible to write both the front end and back end of an app using one developing language: JavaScript. It improves the communication between teams and makes work more efficient. In effect, chances are your app can be built more quickly. 4) The non-blocking IO system makes Node.js blazing fast.
Actually, you can build just about anything with Node.js, but that won’t always be a wise choice. Where Node.js excels is dealing with multiple I/O operations and realtime systems. Due to its event-based nature, it handles such cases more gracefully and much faster than other languages or frameworks.
Node.js is not a good match for CPU-heavy software. Long-running calculations block incoming requests, which can lead to a drop in performance.
Node.js is “hosting agnostic”. It means that it can be run easily on any server provider, including Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud. However, according to a recent Stack Overflow Survey, it seems that most Node.js applications are hosted on AWS.
Node.js is just a tool, which can be used in a bad and in a very good way. Just choosing Node.js will not solve any of your performance problems, if the code isn’t written well. However, when it comes to basic HTTP request benchmarks, it appears that it handles massive amounts of traffic better than Ruby on Rails or some other solutions.
According to the Stack Overflow Survey from 2017, Node.js continues to be the most popular and one of the most demanded skills on the market. Its popularity is constantly growing, and so is the number of developers.

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