Case Study

Project Overview

Air Pollution is the leading cause of health problems in today’s world. It causes respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and birth disorders. It is attributed to 8 million deaths per year. Everyone is vulnerable to air pollution. However, growing children are worst sufferers of its effects. Airlens is an integrated solution that helps prevent users from inhaling toxic air, which is brought to the public by Persapien.

PersSapien wanted to provide vital data about air quality in terms of international standards of AQI (Air Quality Index) around user’s location and help them in making real time decision about when to wear the Airlens device and prevent themselves and their loved ones from bad air and pollution around them. They started with Delhi NCR region and wanted to address the problem of pollution in Delhi. They were looking for best Mobile App developer in India and got refereed to us by a client who suggested them to work with Mindrops.

Persapien approached Mindrops for building a self-manageable, scalable, gamified native iOS and Android mobile application, so that they will be able to inform their users about the AQI status in user’s surroundings in a better and real time. They also required a web platform to educate as well as to make Airlens refills available to its users in seamless and efficient way.


Mindrops team comprised of UI, UX, Native App development & QA experts engaged with Persapien team in understanding the requirements. The project was completed on time, within budget with tremendous application quality and performance.

Key Features Solutions and Ideas for your Success

Persapien web platform enables users to educate themselves about the alarmingly growing issue of pollutions

User can also purchase their refills for Airlens device using the web platform & get one access code.

Access Code authorization is required to use Airlens app.

App provides accurate air quality data for the user’s given Home/School address & current location based on the GPS coordinates supplied by the user’s phone.

Used sophisticated atmospheric models to combine the data from physical air quality measurement sensors providing accurate air quality information for the given location.

By tracking air quality, and device usage duration, app also determines how much it saved from inhaling air pollutants.

App reveals the user’s score & Ranks based on usage of Airlens device

Provide help during App Store Submission and Review process.

Tools & Technologies

  • NetBeansNetBeans
  • MySQL 5.5MySQL 5.5
  • Apache TomcatApache Tomcat
  • BootstrapBootstrap
  • Xcode9Xcode9
  • iOS 8+iOS 8+
  • Ubuntu 14.04Ubuntu 14.04
  • TestFlightTestFlight
  • Android StudioAndroid Studio
  • Android SDKAndroid SDK
  • Google Play ServcesGoogle Play Servces
  • Google MapsGoogle Maps
  • GithubGithub
  • PostmanPostman

The Result