Case Study

Project Overview

Ikinaki is an influential social commerce platform for health conscious youngsters who want to find great products online, share their thoughts on the products and help others to find new products along with deals. Ikinaki brings detailed reviews and ratings, and finds great bargains on products shared by its users.

Ikinaki was looking for a partner who could help it bring a Hybrid Mobile App for iOS and Android platforms to the market in a short period of time. A team was needed that not only helped them to choose the right solutions for their unique needs, but also to work closely with Ikianki to execute the project quickly, efficiently and at a reduced cost. In addition, the partner would have to maintain and update the apps on a regular basis. Ikinaki got introduced to Mindrops via a client. It was happy to proceed with the development work once Ikinaki became satisfied with the tech stack Mindrops offered. Mindrops suggested to build the Hybrid Application in React Native, an upcoming technology well supported by Facebook.


Mindrops worked closely with Ikinaki to understand its requirements and its overall goal for the React Mobile App. It came up with a comprehensive proposal including various solutions and recommendations that helped Ikinaki make the right decisions for the app. It also worked closely with the Ikinaki team in a cohesive way to deliver the Hybrid React Native technology app on time with great quality, leaving the client very satisfied. Mindrops introduced and educated the Ikinaki team on the upcoming technology of React Native, strongly promoted by Facebook. This technology was quite new and Ikinaki was one of the early adopters of the React Native Technology.

Key Features Solutions and Ideas for your Success

Ikinaki enables users to browse through vast list of products, based on people they follow.

Users can share their views about products and can update and promote these to their own followers.

Users can share products on various social media platform including Facebook, Google+ ,Twitter etc.

New products can be uploaded along with various information including price, product description, location, tags etc.

Users will also be able to search for exclusive offers, for product trials as well as discounts offered by brands. These brand discounts are meant to widen product & brand reach and to get expert product reviews from influencers.

This in turn helps brands to get well-organized, customer behavior data, based on their focus.

For the initial launch Ikinaki kept access to the app's ecosystem only 'on an invite' basis, so that they could build a community of elite users who shared the same set of ideas with Ikinaki's core team.

Tools & Technologies

  • React NativeReact Native
  • API IntegrationAPI Integration
  • PostmanPostman
  • GithubGithub
  • pgAdminpgAdmin

The Result