Case Study
The Cirqle

Project Overview

Today having a social account with a lot of followers and engagement is equivalent to having a social life and possibly a business opportunity. And that needs not to be limited to one market or country. That is why every successful marketing strategy now involves strong, social media campaigns.

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, The Cirqle, is a well-known, global influencer marketing platform that renders social commerce highly effective by utilizing customer data to gain audience insights, improve targeting and deliver relevant creative experiences.

Recently The Cirqle was looking to add serious technical features to their platform so as to improve the experience of both their influencers and their brands. They wanted their close to 150.000 influencers to be able to connect to all their social media platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Snapchat etc.) automatically and give their brands a way to centralize and manage all their social media campaigns, influencers and execution processes.


The Cirqle wanted their social media influencers to be able to easily connect to all their social media platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Snapchat etc.)

The Cirqle wanted their brands to be able to execute and manage all social media campaigns and influencers, and to gain more control over the entire process.


We worked on developing features that would help influencers onboard better and manage their social media connections effectively. Using Vue.js and Node.js mostly, our excellent, hardworking team of developers were able to develop a key, new feature where content from various social media platforms is pulled automatically by platform API’s, while managing tokens and permissions of influencer’s social media accounts. We had our QA experts test these features each and every step of the way to ensure a streamlined progress.

Another feature we developed enabled these influencers to view campaigns from various brands and apply for these if they thought they were suitable. First they would submit content they would like to produce, which would then be approved by the brands, owners of the campaigns.

For the brands and for the admin dashboard, we helped to improve the campaign setup process, and to manage influencers tasks and campaign approval process. Brands and admins could now effectively filter through the influencer databases (based on their category, followers, location, engagement rate, etc.) to select the most suitable social media influencer for their campaigns and to reach out to them via mass emailing and messaging.

All this leads to a smooth and effective communication process between influencers and brands. Brands can view the applications and the content from influencers and even engage with them by sending offers. They can also see and manage important KPIs achieved within a campaign, like average reach, impressions, engagement rate, total reach, total engagement etc. This project was deemed very successful by the client. It was completed well within budget and schedule.

Tools & Technologies

  • Node JSNodejs
  • Vue jsVuejs
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